Wanting to retire in Panama

October 15 marked the official 6 month mark since we arrived here in Panama and we are very happy to say that we are starting to feel more and more like Panama is our new home! We have settled into the Decameron Costa Blanca Villas nicely and are fast becoming part of the community. We have met many wonderful fellow Canadian and American expats who have welcomed us which has been instrumental in us not going through the homesickness phase I was so worried we were going to suffer. Don’t get me wrong, we both definitely have had our moments…. the toughest of course being when our daughter flew back to Canada after spending the first four months here with us. We had an extremely difficult few days after that, to the point where, yes… we were just about to book our flights and follow her back to the great white North. But our kids, being who they are, absolutely refused to hear such nonsense, and told us we had better stay put! It would get better… and they were right…. it did…

It was also a bit touch and go there for awhile as to where we would be living because we had to be out of the townhouse we were renting by November 1 and with high season fast approaching we were struggling with finding another place to stay. We also had concerns with our house in Canada which we have been trying to sell. With winter fast approaching there was no way we could leave it empty so it was looking like we were heading back even if we didn’t want to. (For anyone out there who has experienced a northern Canadian winter, you understand what I am talking about!) This of course, was making it very difficult for us to commit to a long-term rental here and time was running out. As it turns out, we now have some wonderful tenants in our house in Canada on a rent-to-own agreement until July of 2015 at which time, they will take over possession. And thanks to all the people we have met here putting their feelers out in our search for a new home, we were able to secure us a long-term villa rental which we moved into October 1 and with our two children and D’s mom and best friend joining us for Christmas (flights are all booked!!) things couldn’t be better :).

Comments on: "6 Month Anniversary of Living in Panama!" (2)

  1. It’s so nice to hear things are moving past that “honeymoon” stage of moving to Panama. Can’t wait to see some new pics of the new place and of your family coming at Christmas. Miss you bunches. 😘😋

  2. Have really enjoyed reading your blog. My wife and I are preparing for a trip to Panama In May to scout it as a possible retirement location. We are going to look between Pedasi and Coronado.

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