Wanting to retire in Panama

As of today we have been in Panama for 4 weeks now!  First and foremost I must say that the weather is fantastic and we are definitely NOT missing the crazy weather they are still getting back in Canada.  Snowing still in May …. really?!&#  Anyway, lol, you might be wondering “what have we been up to?”. 

We arrived very late on the night of April 15th to our rental house in Santa Clara and our first week mostly consisted of getting unpacked and somewhat settled in.  Then our daughter and her best friend arrived April 23 to spend four months with us.  Lucky girls!!  

However, there have been certain issues with the house that we have had to deal with since day one such as poor to nonexistent water pressure in the kitchen sink as well as no hot water for the entire duration of our 4 week stay so far and a washing machine that doesn’t work. For the most part we have not missed the hot water as it is so warm here that a cool shower in the evening actually feels refreshing; however, both of these issues have caused a bit of inconvenience when it comes to cooking and doing dishes – not necessarily for D and I – but for the girls as they are our designated dishwashers since there is no dishwasher in the house – lol.  They have likened the experience to “camping” back home, where you have to boil the hot water on the stove before you can wash dishes …. they have to earn their keep somehow :).  

All in all, we have not let these little inconveniences be a deterrent for us and are in no way second guessing our decision to relocate to Panama – lol.  As it turns out, however, we will be renting a townhouse villa in the Royal DeCameron as of May 15.  Why did we decide to move?  Well, first of all, there are the reasons I mentioned above but mostly because of the proximity to the beach.  The house we are currently in, although providing a roof over our heads for our first month is just a little too distant for us, so a great opportunity came up for us for this villa that we just couldn’t pass up :).  

We have done some travelling to Pedasi, Las Lajas, El Valle and of course Panama City to see our lawyer for obtaining our pensionado visas.  We were also successful in getting a Panamanian bank account set up and if all goes according to plan, will hopefully have a vehicle purchased by the end of the week.   That is pretty much our first month in a nutshell and are excited to see what our next month in Panama will bring us!


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  1. We leave the States August 3rd for Panama. Found a rental in Chame for six months, and we cannot wait. Our Pensionado Visas are ready to be finalized when there that first week, and then it’s off to buy a car, get a drivers license and bank account! Thank goodness we are retired and will have time to do all of these tasks, and then time to swim, float, and play! Congrats on your first successful month in Panama!

  2. Congratulations Allison! We are so happy for you. Yes that first month will be busy. Sounds like a bit of déjà vu for us ….. The visas, bank account, vehicle etc. for us, for the most part, all of these tasks went quite smoothly. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

  3. Most definitely get together! I have been reading Holly’s blog (we are “virtual friends” lol), and someday soon I will finally meet all of my blog friends! And facebook friends that are in Panama! I know exactly where Decameron Resort is…Ray and I have traveled as far as Pedasi, but not to David, Boquete or Bocas. So much more to see! Thanks for car info!

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