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Moving Pets to Panama!

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It is with a heavy heart that D and I made the decision to not bring our beloved dog Jaydie to Panama when we leave on April 15th.  Why, you might ask, did we change our minds?  Well, as you can guess, we have been very busy since I finished working on February 28th.  We have been selling a lot of our worldly possessions, had a garage sale, preparing our documents for our pensionado visas (this is still ongoing – I will do an updated post on this experience at a later date), preparing our tax returns for 2013 and getting together with friends and family (this is still ongoing) to say our good-byes to name just a few things.

We are flying to Panama on April 15 and as it turns out, in addition to our getting ready to leave, our son purchased a new home in Edmonton and is moving into it on April 3.  This is definitely  a win-win situation for both of us because, as we all know, the purchase of a new home means the purchase of a lot of new furniture and as it turns out, we have a lot of furniture to “get rid of” since we decided that bringing a container with our household furnishings was not the option we wanted to take.  Well, being that Edmonton is three hours away from Cold Lake, this means that our final day in Cold Lake will be April 3 (with our without the sale of our house – which by the way has not sold yet) – giving me 11 days to get my “sh….. together” so to speak.

Now once we arrive in Edmonton this will give us 11 days before our flight to Panama City.  During that 11 days we plan on making a trip to stay with my parents for a few days and then to visit my in-laws for a few days.  My parents live 1 1/2 hours from Edmonton so that drive is not too bad but the drive to my in-laws is 7 hours from Edmonton – which means two days of travel – and then a few days to visit.  Here is where it get complicated with bringing our dog.

There is a bit of a process involved when moving your pet to Panama from Canada and it is as follows:

1) Within 10 days of leaving the country, your pet must visit a vet where they need to fill out an Aphis 700 form (international health certificate) as well as obtaining an up-to-date rabies and vaccination certificate.

2) All documents must then be notarized by our local CFIA department and then sent to the Panamanian Consulate for their authentication stamp.  Keep in mind that we are no where near a Panamanian Consulate so this would require either flying to get there or sending the paperwork via overnight courier.

3) This paperwork, once received back, must then be sent three days prior to the Panamanian vet whom we need to contact to meet us at the airport upon our arrival.  He will at that time, verify everything and we would be on our way.

Simple right?  But when D and I factor in the fact that we will be doing considerable travelling during our last 10 days in Canada and having to worry about trying to get all the paperwork in order for Jaydie, in addition to trying to still get all our visa paperwork in order, moving our son, packing up the rest of our “stuff”, it has become rather daunting and overwhelming.  In addition to all the preparation involved in getting our dog to Panama, D and I are still unsettled ourselves on where in Panama we want to make our final destination for we absolutely loved every place we visited.  Yes we are renting in Santa Clara for now, but we still want to travel around and check out different areas once we are there and so brings the question, who will look after the dog should we bring her with us while we continue to explore Panama?  We don’t know anyone yet whom we would be able to leave her with?  What kind of kennels do they have in Panama if any (for there will definitely be a lot of overnight stays in our travels)?

So what will we do with our beloved Jaydie??  Well as it turns out, my in-laws have 40 acres of land where they live and “LOVE” animals.  They already have two little dogs and numerous cats, so heck what’s one more right? – lol!  They have been so kind to welcome Jaydie with love and open arms and we all know that she will be extremely happy in her new home, for she hasn’t been quite the same since we moved into town from our acreage last fall, and she just needs the room to run and roam.   So for now, D and I will be able to take solace in knowing that she is going to a good home where she will be loved and when we decide in the future that we are ready for her to join us in Panama, my in-laws are more than willing to work with me in making that happen.  Thanks Kasandra and George :).


Comments on: "Moving Pets to Panama!" (2)

  1. While sad that you’re not taking her with you, I’m very sure sweet Jaydie will love being back in the country so she can roam and play to her heart’s content. Very excited to see your posts as the time gets closer and closer… Luv ya bunches.

  2. Thanks Laura. After our wonderful supper and visit last night (thanks again) and being in the old neighbourhood with all the acreages and watching Jaydie play with Ruger it helped reassure me that we are making the right decision. She definitely needs the space to run around and be free.

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