Wanting to retire in Panama

Let The Adventure "Continue"!


Since moving to Boquete we’ve had the opportunity to take several little trips to different areas in Panama and Costa Rica. We always love seeing new places and experiencing different areas. But, I have to tell you, every single time we’re away from our new home , we’re delighted when it’s time to go home again. It’s funny how happy we are to go ‘home’! So this past two days we spent hanging out on the beach with some great new friends that we met through my blog. Dan & Janet were out visiting back in August and we all got together and went on a coffee tour and had a great time. We’ve kept in touch with them as they’ve been preparing to make their move out here to Panama. They decided to plan one more vacation out here before they make their actual move which will be early…

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  1. Hi Janet and Dan,
    It sounds like you are living in Panama? I didn’t see the blog that you did move? When did you move? I see you were planning on moving in 2014 but decided to go early? We too live in Alberta and have been to Panama and Costa Rica a few times and are coming back to Panama Feb 1st to check out David. We hope to leave this -45 weather within 2-3 years.

    • Hi Shelbi,

      No we haven’t moved quite yet (sigh) We can relate to the weather thing – it will definitely be nice to get away from these harsh cold winters! I will be doing a blog this weekend for sure on our second trip to Panama. We were there in December for two more weeks looking for a place to rent/buy. We decided to start our adventure in Coronado and have a rental in place for April 1 so the countdown is officially on. Thanks for following my blog.

      • Hi,
        You must be so excited and nervous.

      • Hi Shelbi,

        Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. April is fast approaching and I feel like I have a million things to do still. My family has been extremely supportive of our move; however, our youngest who just started university is starting to feel a little overwhelmed with the thought that we are going to be gone soon :'(. We are not planning on working, but are going to keep our eyes and ears open for any opportunities that come our way that we may be interested in. My husband and I both are in the oil industry. I am continuing to work until the end of February but my husband made the decision to quit (with all the family support) in July. The super long hours (16 hours days) and the shift work started to take a huge toll on his health, which is why we decided to take a step back and re-evaluate our priorities in life. So we also came to the conclusion that there is more to life than just working.

        In the end, after much mulling, we have decided we are not going to bring a container or a vehicle with us. We just feel that it would be more economical to buy there.

        I hope that everything works out for you and your husband in the end as well and that you decide to pursue your dream of living in Panama. We know it is not an easy decision but like my husband and I say, “you will always be a Canadian citizen and you can always come back”.

        Thanks for following my blog.


  2. We are so excited! It is hard to believe sometimes that it is really happening! Have a lot of things to get in place still. What part of Alberta are you from?

    • Hi,
      April will be here so fast. Are you going to buy soon or rent for a year? How is your family taking your move to Panama? Are you planning to open a business or relax and did over the country
      We live about 2.5 hours east of Ed onto. Near Wainwright. I am an LPN and my husband is in the oil business. We are empty nesters and have learned there is more to life than working 12 hour days.
      Are you taking a car and furniture or a shipping container?
      Enjoy your adventure. You have so much to do.

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