Wanting to retire in Panama

Thanks Karen for keeping us up to date on the opening of this airport!! After driving from Panama City to Pedasi in July I can attest it can be a somewhat long drive, especially when speed limit signs aren’t always posted and with the amount of radar on the road, we were really confused as to what the limite was in many areas. Thankfully we made it, though, without drawing any attention to the “radar” police šŸ™‚

In Da Campo

AP Pedasi

Air Panama began scheduled flights in and out of PedasiĀ last Friday.Ā  The flights originate from AllbrookĀ into our new airport on the edge of town.Ā  Thereā€™s no flight schedule posted on the website yet but the airline flies Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.Ā  Flight times are the same for all days, leaveĀ Panama 15:00 arrive PedasiĀ 15:50, departĀ Pedasi 16:00 arrive Panama 16:50.

Hereā€™s a sample of pricing:

Air Panama

For comparison I checked out WestJet flights from Edmonton to Calgary.


If we were to drive from Edmonton to Calgary it would take 3.5 hours on a highway that is two lanes all the way.Ā  If we were to drive from PedasiĀ to Panama it would take 4.5 hours on mostly two lanes all the way, depending on what areas narrow to one lane for construction, or weed whacking, or line painting, or line painting, or etc. etc.Ā  I also did the comparison with the exchange rate theā€¦

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