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Renting a Car in Panama

During our two week to Panama we are planning to rent a 4×4 SUV (Toyota RAV4 or the like) but we have been reading a lot of horror stories on the internet about the collision coverage.  Many people are saying that they will really, really push you into this coverage even if you have coverage from home.  I do pay extra every year for travel insurance on my credit card which includes vehicle collision insurance (I have confirmed them with this already) but does this matter??  Will we run into problems if we get into an accident?  Have any of you ever heard or had a bad experience when renting a vehicle?  Any comments/suggestions you can send my way would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks a bunch.  


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  1. YES! Be very careful. Totally inspect the car and take pictures with your phone or camera with a date stamp. Write down every ding, scratch, chip, and flaw no matter how small. We and others have been charged lots of money for damage we supposedly did to the car.
    Also, you must get Panama insurance. Your US insurance, credit card, or anything else does not apply here. This of course will increase your costs considerably.
    http://groups.yahoo.com/group/viviendo_en_panama/ Check this yahoo forum. They are having a discussion on this subject which should be helpful.

    • I think we have come to the decision to pay the extra insurance anyway ….. Doesn’t seem worth the risk not to from what we have heard and been told. So where in Boca Chica are you staying? Too bad we weren’t there a week earlier.


  2. BTW, isn’t it you who will be in Boca Chica before going to David? I think we are next door to your resort. It is so beautiful here!! You’re going to love it.

    • Yes we are! We are really looking forward to checking out this area. From what we have researched in the Internet, it seems very beautiful.

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