Wanting to retire in Panama

I woke up on the weekend realizing it is already June and only 6 weeks until we make our debut trip to Panama!    It got me panicking a bit, realizing we need to finalize our itinerary.   Alas, after “umpteen” emails and reservation requests, everything is now in place!   

I was talking with one of my wonderful sisters a couple weeks back about what we would be doing, where we would be exporing and the wonderful virtual people that we have met thus far that we are hoping to get together with.  Naturally, like any concerned loved one would be, this raised some red flags in her head and she made the comment, “you want to get together with people you met on the “”internet?”” – lol.   I assured her that I felt completely comfortable with these “virtual friends”.  These are people who take the time out of their day (some almost every day) to sit down and write about why they decided to move to Panama and the trials and tribulations they  encountered along the way (the paperwork they needed, the services they used, the contacts that they have been able to provide, etc, etc etc) and without this information, moving to a foreign country would be a much more difficult task.  It gives others like us, who are still in the early stages of planning , some reassurance that, although there are still a lot of hoops to go through, a lot of i’s to dot and t’s to cross,  it can be done and that it will be all worth it in the end.

So thanks to all you bloggers out there – you know who you are!


Comments on: "Itinerary is in Place!" (2)

  1. I have met people for years that I got to know on the internet and i have found that you are pretty much never surprised. People are who they are, and that come through their words. You’ll have just as much fun with them in person.

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