Wanting to retire in Panama

This weekend D and I want to get our itinerary in order for our visit to Panama this summer (July 18-August 1).  We are starting by staying a couple of days in Panama City so we can visit the famous Panama Canal.  We are then going to make our way towards the Azeuro Peninsula, Boca Chica and then towards the end of our trip we will be staying in David, checking out such places as Boquete, Volcan and Puerto Armuelles.  

We are currently battling with the idea of whether we want to stay in David until Jul 30, then do the drive from David to Panama City all in one day on the 31st, or whether we should break it up and stay in Santiago for one night and leave David on the 29th.  

Now, according to internet research, it says the distance from David to Panama City is approximately 346 km; however, how long does it actually take to drive this distance?  I have read people saying it can take up to 6 1/2 hours to go this distance, and what if there are delays on the highway?  Is this common in Panama?  And would Santiago be a good stop off point or is there a better place to stay, that is more centralized, if we decide to break up the day?  Any thoughts anybody? 



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