Wanting to retire in Panama

Dan and I for the most part are pretty private people and initially only told our family and close friends about our desire/plans to move and live in Panama.  Well, we decided a few weeks ago to put our house up for sale.  With us being “empty nesters” soon, we felt that our house was “WAY TO BIG” for just the two of us and being that it is quite an expensive home for the area we live in, thought we would get a jump start on trying to sell it.  So a couple of weeks ago the for sale sign went up.

Now keep in mind, we live in a very close knit acreage community just outside of Cold Lake, where if you are outside or just going for a walk, everyone is always welcome to “pop in” for a “cerveza” – (I am definitely going to miss this and hope to get into a community in Panama where this will continue).  So, naturally, when the for sale sign went up in front of our house, a lot of our good neighbours were not only shocked and sad (it’s a good feeling to know you will genuinely be missed) but curious as to what our plans were?  So we have been telling them all about Panama.

You never know what kind of a reaction you are going to get when telling people and most of you who have made the move (or are about to) can attest that it is not always positive and it most surely will be followed by an onslaught of questions.  However, to my surprise, now that more and more people know of our plans, most of the reactions have been extremely positive!  From all the neighbours and friends who insist we have a place for them to stay, because they will definitely come and visit us, to the coworkers who have also been and seen Panama and who fell in love with the place and are “jealous” of our plans.  Then there are the people who say, “a neighbour of ours at the lake lives in Panama year round, and only comes to his cabin a few weeks a year in the summer”, to “my seamstress just recently moved to Panama, so I had to find someone else” to the developer who developed our community who said, “wow, I can’t believe it …. a friend of mind just bought an island in Panama and wants me to come down and develop it for him!”.
So today, we are getting together with some other neighbours, who just returned from vacationing in Cuba and low-and-behold saw “the sign”, for some barbecuing and croquet. I am sure there are going to be a lot of questions again …. but I am OK with that…..  because when sharing your plans and ideas with friends who are so encouraging, it really confirms for us that we are making the right decision!


Comments on: "I’ve Heard So Many Great Things About Panama!" (1)

  1. Yep, we got all kinds of reactions too from – you are going WHERE?? and Why? and Oh my I wish I could do that! An occasional person was fearful – Isn’t that a dangerous place? Is there any healthcare? How is the crime? etc but I don’t remember anyone being negative. I think as more baby boomers reach retirement and more of us realize we can’t afford to live in the US with the lifestyle we want, more people are looking at other options. I think most people are encouraged that if you can do it successfully, maybe they also can do something like this too.

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