Wanting to retire in Panama

Retirement Planning

Yesterday D and I attended a retirement financial planning session put on by our employer.   We discussed all the ins and outs of RRSPs, RIFs LIRAs, dividends, bonds, defined contributions, CPP and OAS!   We also touched base on taxes, will and estate planning, and most important – what we expect out of retirement.  What are we going to do with those extra 2080 hours of the year?  Will we be OK spending all that time together once we are retired?  Well D and I know that this is not going to be a problem – we have been together for 31 years, love each other dearly, and have always been best friends – we do everything that we can together already – right down to the ugly chores of house cleaning, cooking and grocery shopping.  We also share so many common interests.  Our long wish  list of activities for retirement include gardening, reading, hiking, biking, beachcombing, cooking, learning a new language, scuba diving, snorkelling and swimming to name a few.  We would also like to get involved in volunteer work in the community we settle down in.  I also like to jog and he would love to start taking up amateur photography again – an interest that he has let go on the wayside for the last few years.   Throw all these things in, along with a little R & R and I know we are going to be fine.  And like alot of people are saying  – if it’s not the right fit for you – you can always come back. 

All in all, the instructor was extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to listen to.  It was a very informative day!  It is always nice to gets together with people in the same life transition as us to discuss retirement options and everything it has to offer.   One single, early 50’s gentleman showed  an avid interest in our plans to retire in Panama.  His initial plan was to retire to our neighbours directly to the south, but I think we may have convinced him otherwise!  After discussing many of the things that Panama has to offer for retirees – the cost of living, the climate, health care, etc, etc – we may have a convert!  We exchanged contact information, and I am sure we will be staying in touch with him in the future. 

As for us, we appear to be on track!  The count down is on –  only 91 more days until we step onto Panamanian soil!


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