Wanting to retire in Panama

Happy Birthday Derrick!

Today is our son’s 21st birthday!  Where has the time gone?  How quickly he has grown up.  Our son moved out of the nest in February, buying his first place on his own in Edmonton, no easy accomplishment for someone his age in today’s economy here in Canada.  He is planning on completing his basement so our daughter, who is going to university in the fall, can live with him while pursuing her studies.  Which means we will be empty nesters come this fall.  

Both of our children have been very supportive of us wanting to move to Panama  but I battle with my conscious on a regular basis.  Are they going to be OK when we leave?  How will they make out without us being closer to home for support?  They assure us they will manage just fine.  I continually tell myself, It is only natural for a parent to worry about their children, regardless of how old they are!  And with this in mind, we are continuing on our Imagepursuit for a simpler life.  Going to Panama this summer is the first step in this journey.  It will be at least a year, maybe two, before we are completely ready to make the move and our daughter will be well into her studies by then that some of this guilty conscious that I am battling with will surely be lifted.  Only time will tell!

Thanks Derrick and Justine for being who you are and for supporting us on this life changing decision that we are making!  We love you!



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