Wanting to retire in Panama

Flights are Booked!

It has been a couple of weeks since I last posted a blog.  Life has been busy around here lately but am having a quiet Easter weekend so found the time to sit down and do some catching up.  It is finally starting to feel somewhat like spring here now, the weather has warmed up enough so that we are finally getting some spring thaw – nothing compared to temperatures in Panama though – only have about 1 foot of snow left outside!   I went online today and booked our flights to Panama in July for two weeks!  This will be our first trip to Panama and hopefully not our last.  Since we are thinking of making the big move to Panama we thought it would be wise to experience life during the rainy season.  Now it’s time to plan where we are going to stay.  We are planning to rent a vehicle during our two week excursion and want to explore the areas along the pacific coast near Las Tablas as far west as David and are planning on staying in some bed and breakfasts along the way.  We are definitely water people and want to be near the ocean.  We arrive late in the evening  so will be staying in Panama City our first night.  If anyone out there has any suggestions on a good place to stay near the airport we would love to hear from you!  Also, if you know of any good bed and breakfasts along the way, we are open to suggestions for these as well.   Am looking so forward to planning our itinerary.  Internet here I come!

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  1. http://www.hotelavila.com.pa/ I’ve stayed here and they are always very good to us. It’s in the city though, not near the airport. The rainy season here reminds me very much of summer in Florida. Do whatever you need to do in the morning because by mid/late afternoon it’s going to rain. It cools everything off and clears up by evening. And, the rain is warm! Being from the north (NY) I was surprised about that too.
    Do you speak Spanish? The hotel recommendation above, often there isn’t anyone at the desk who speaks English. I know they say there are a lot of English speakers here but that is not true, not even in Panama City. Start studying now if you need to! The more you know the better.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, we do not speak Spanish but do understand the importance of learning this beautiful language if we plan to retire in Panama and are planning to learn a few basic phrases before we head out! And once we are immersed in their culture, will tackle the task head on.

    Also, we are planning to check out David during our travels. Any suggestions for a good B&B in the area?

  3. Did you get an email from me? If not, write me and I’ll send it again. MsKris941 at gmail dot com

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