Wanting to retire in Panama

Hello again, 

This morning I woke up and thought to myself – “why do we want to retire in Panama?”  – so figured this would be a great place to answer that question.  Dan and I (from now on I will refer to him as D) have been wanting to make a life change for a few years now.  Is there something about hitting your 40’s that makes a person re-evaluate their life?  Is it maybe a mid-life crisis that D and I are experiencing?  When we first starting thinking about living abroad several years ago, our focus was on being snowbirds and having a nice warm sunny place to go every year for a few months to escape the harsh realities of the long, cold winters here in Canada and rent the place out for the remainder of the year using one of those rental agencies.  Not a bad idea – if we were willing to work until 60-65.  Herein is the catch – we so often hear people telling us about this person and that person who worked all their lives, saved up their pennies for that much anticipated retirement age …..65 – finally reached that goal – only to either find themselves in ill health and sometimes, heaven-forbid, passed on to the almighty hereafter within a couple years of retirement.   We don’t want that to be us.  

So we started doing our research, thanks to International Living magazine, the internet and this thing called blogging (thanks also to all you people out there willing to share their thoughts and information on living abroad through their interesting, very informative, humorous and entertaining blogs) we have come to the realization that we could actually retire full time by the age of 50 if we lived abroad permanently!  Which brings us to where we are today.

We initially did ALOT of research on Ecuador, thinking that maybe this would be the place for us but came to the realization that maybe it isn’t quite developed enough yet for D and I to make that permanent move.  So we shifted our gears and started checking out Panama.  Panama was one of the areas we were looking at a number of years back when we were still focused on an investment property, so thought we would look into actually moving their full-time and in the end we feel it has way more benefits for retirees from abroad than does Ecuador and would overall be a better fit for us. 

So now here we are in the early planning stages.  We are taking the advice of many bloggers out there and are in the process of planning a trip to Panama this summer for a couple of weeks so we can get a feel for the country during their rainy season, then will head back in January/February of 2014 to get a feel for the dry season.  We have narrowed down the places we want to check out to the areas along the pacific coast (we are water people and love the ocean) – in the vicinity of Las Tablas all the way to possibly the city of David and surrounding area.  We are not city people so have ruled out Panama City completely.  We are wanting to stay in B&B’s along the way, so if anyone out there has some ideas on some nice, not too expensive, places to stay, we would love to hear from you!  On that note, I will say good-bye …… until next time!



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  1. indacampo said:

    Most anything with “hostal” in the name will be reasonably priced. Think around $40.00+ for two people including breakfast. If you’re like us and only want a clean place to lay your head, maybe some Wifi and a t.v. to catch international news then you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

  2. Thanks. That what we were kind of hoping for. Are they readily available? Would it be wise to book before we go … If they have websites lol… Or just wing it when we hpget there? Are there alot of them along the way? One thing we are a bit phobic about is the sharing of the bathroom lol. We would want our own private bath wherever we stay.

  3. Ahh, I’m glad i sent you an email with links to a couple hostels here. Let me know if you didn’t get it. Both have rooms with your own bathroom, and internet, and English speaking owners, but I would advise making a reservation in advance.
    Panama City was too nuts for us too, but we like David. We like having shopping and everything in a city readily available. If you want to experience both seasons, definitely visit in March. We have learned that this is the hottest month of the year, and the end of the dry season. If you can deal with that you will be fine.
    Don’t believe half of what International Living tells you. This is not paradise. This is very much a real world, a different world in many ways. I’m glad you are coming to visit to see how it feels to you. But, I will say it has worked out for us and we are really happy here! Maybe you will be too 🙂

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