Wanting to retire in Panama

Winter Wonderland

Here I am playing fetch with Jaydie in the backyard.  Jaydie is very excited about the idea of moving to Panama!  After being hit by a vehicle last summer and having to have hip surgery, the cold weather and snow takes its toll on her.  She LOVES to play fetch but the chronic pain now slows her down :'(.    The cold weather definitely doesn’t help either.  And look at all that snow!!   It is March 10 and we still have all this white stuff!  Come on spring!  People ask us “won’t you miss having the change of seasons and all this white stuff when you move away?”  My response to that is, “I may or may not miss it – but I do know that I WON’T miss having to deal with the snow and cold for 6 months of the year.”

My thought for the day:  “The world is a big, beautiful place – let’s explore it and enjoy it while we are still young and healthy enough to do so!!!”


Comments on: "Winter Wonderland" (1)

  1. indacampo said:

    Hmmm, liked the post…didn’t like the snow! Onward and upward! 🙂

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