Wanting to retire in Panama

Hello world! Well, this is my first attempt at setting up a blog and posting on my new blog site so bare with me! My wonderful husband, Dan, and I have been happily married now for 26 years and counting. We have two wonderful children, a son who is soon to be 21 and a daughter who will be flying the coop this fall to university. Low and behold, this will leave us empty nesters and ready to take on a new venture in our lives. We have been doing a lot of research on the internet through various blog sites and have been subscribing to International Living for a few years now. We LOVE the show House Hunters International, and after all the research have decided “why not move abroad and retire early – others have done it, so why can’t we? Can we retire at 50? Is it even doable – how much will we need to retire abroad??…..Because we know that this is not an option for us if we continue to reside in Canada, where, although we have a comfortable living… taxes are high, cost of living is high (especially in northern Alberta where we reside) ” and the winters down-right suck! Why live in -30 C during the winter when we can live in +30 C all year round!!!”

Which brings me to where we are today. After researching vigorously we have decided that Panama is where we want to be! We are planning on a trip to Panama this summer (although haven’t booked anything yet). We have done extensive travelling over the years but the closest we have made it to Central America is Curacao (lol). Ideally, we would like to retire on or near the ocean on the Pacific side of Panama – west of Panama City – even as far as near David. We are hoping that with setting up this blog, we can rely on you guys, the Panama blogging community, for some much valuable insight into the many beaches/towns that are along or close to this side of the country and where, ultimately, we will be able to find that little piece of paradise that we can call our retirement home!


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  1. indacampo said:

    I think I finally managed to send you a reply via email.

  2. Just starting to read your blog tonight (found it on Expatblog). Too funny that I started one with very similar name on blogspot in 2012! Good luck in your continuing adventures of wanting to move to Panama (we are moving there in August–guess I will have to change the name of my blog when we move!).

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